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Every year that ends is accompanied by an evaluation of what has happened and, in the same way, every year that begins is accompanied by good intentions and expectations.

This also applies to marketing: every year the strategies must be reviewed and refined on the basis of the changes affecting consumers.

In Ryan Ayers' article: "Vision for 2020: 5 Innovative Marketing Strategies to Try Out in the New Year" you can find some ideas for new strategies to use in 2020.


Have a good trial...with Ales!


As Orazio says: "Who begins well, is halfway through his work". That's why to start the new year at the best is our first challenge!

Ales Design Thinking is the best way to cope with the 2020 challenges, because is the language of innovation.

It’s extremely smart model that accelerates the ability of corporations to make effective decisions and successfully design innovation. Thanks to a process of problem analysis and solutions generation: structured, creative and shared with the organization, that guarantees successful and actionable results.

What about to get in touch with us to share our experience with this extraordinary method!

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In June 2019, twenty-three IRIS members (including Ales Market Research) conducted an economic confidence survey. The study covered public opinion about personal, national and global economic conditions, their causes and consequences. and orientations toward government intervention. An assessment of national governments' performance was also undertaken.

The 2019 IRIS Global Economic Confidence Study asked a series of questions designed to assess general economic confidence of 12,436 consumers from twenty-three countries around the world. Online interviews were conducted from May 24 to June 17, 2019. The questionnaire was translated into seven different languages.

To ensure that data were representative of each country’s composition, weights were applied. The survey data were weighted within each country by both age and gender. Weights were calculated using the most recent information and statistics available from The World Factbook (an Internet-based data publication launched by the CIA, Central Intelligence Agency).


For more details about the research or some specific details about Italy contact us!

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"All Vodka Is the Same. So Why Is Some More Expensive Than Others?"

It is not our intention to induce you to consume alcohol during working hours, but we suggest you to read this article by Gene Marks that offers some food for thought on the big price differences between similar products.

It invites us to reflect on the importance of the experience of using our product and how our consumers feel when they use it.


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