February 23, 2021

Discover the power of gestures

in Ales News from the World

by a.camiolo

Proxemics is a semiological discipline and is one of the five theories of non-verbal communication…
February 23, 2021

Product or experience?

in Ales News from the World

by a.camiolo

Offering memorable consumer experiences is crucial today. Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) has transformed a lipstick…
July 08, 2020

How to influence consumers to change behaviour

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by a.camiolo

Richard Shotton, author of The Choice Factory, in this interesting video-presentation illustrates some learning from…
Twenty years of Research, Improvements, Competence
In the last 4 years Ales turnover has ranged between 2,5 and 3 million euro, with more than 70 clients in its portfolio. Ales is an independent institute, a guarantee for quality and accuracy of analysis. Our mission: assure that our client receives sound consumer and market knowledge for their specific sector.

Research Tools

Ales has developed and consolidated a broad range of research models and continues to seek and test new research models to understand the ...
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Qualitative Area

the challenge for contemporary research lies in getting inside the consumer’s ‘real life’ to grasp the 'fleeting moment' in which his desire need, opinion ...
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Quantitative Area

Qualitative research can help explain the findings of quantitative research. Using the results of the research, you can screen for precisely the ...
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A reliable partner for your qualitative Market Research, ethnographic Market Research, quantitative Market Research
We are the independent Italian Research Institute that helps clients find effective Marketing Solutions and relevant Consumer Insights.
Doing market research for more than 70 companies in 29 countries throughout the world has made us experts in a vast range of qualitative and quantitative techniques.
Authentic curiosity and great care in observing and listening to Consumers, fuels our passion for research.
Thanks to our proactive and professional approach to research, we are a trusted long term business partner for many companies.

Workshop & Courses

Insight generation and new idea development

Nowadays it is important to have new insights and generate ideas. Ales can help you in this process, providing you with its experience to develop new creative ideas.

New concepts (writing and screening)

it's important to have new ideas, but it's equally important to put them in writing.
Ales works with you to write together your concepts in the most appropriate way and to evaluate their performance.

Consumer Connection, observation and etnografy

You think getting into people's heads is a job for a mentalist only? At Ales we’re used to get into the heads of consumers and create with them.

Statistics for market research

One of Ales's features is chewing numbers every day. However, we realize that some analysis and data are not always easy to understand. We will explaining statistics in a very easy and effective way.

Research funnel and the most common methodologies

The funnel is a very useful methodology to evaluate the performance of the brand over time. It is possible to identify strengths compared to competitors.

User profiles and when use them

The starting point of any marketing strategy is the identification of the target to which it is addressed to. Ales is at your disposal to help you understand who are your users, what are their habits, where to find them and when to "hit" them with your strategy.
Italian association of market research institutes
Italian association of market research institutes
World association of market research institutes
World association of market research institutes

Ales Market Research is an independent Italian Research Institute and helps clients find effective Marketing Solutions and relevant Consumer Insights.


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VAT: 05429820722

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