ADV Post test

To provide a measure of the combined effect of media weight, buying effectiveness of the target audience and quality of the advertising or creative execution.

Insight & Idea generation

An innovation process aimed at intercepting (with different methods: ethnography, online community) new consumer insights, and generating (through creative workshops) product, service or communication ideas around them.

Concept screening

To assess the potential of different concept positionings, in-depth investigation is needed that goes beyond mere liking and deeply explores all the aspects underlying the success (or failure) of a concept: the real understanding of the core message, the relevance of promises and benefits, the empathy of the insight, the product profile conveyed. With Ales you can be sure to "bet on the winning horse".


Consumers are not all the same, so it is important to understand how to approach different consumers. Ales helps you understand how to group your consumers in order to relate to each target group in the most effective way.

Product test

Quantitative method to assess the performance and consumer appreciation of one or more products.

Brand equity & image

Profiling the brand personality in its iconic, identity, functional, value and reputation features through quali-quantitative research approaches and innovative and effective investigative tools (app, community).

Unmet needs/white space exploration

The way to discover unexpressed and unmet customer needs in order to trigger innovation. To use to discover unexpressed opportunities and product improvements.

Customer satisfaction/ loyalty

Customer Satisfaction measures the client's level of satisfaction for the purpose of improving the product or service offered. Customer loyalty helps understand how attached the consumer is to the brand, analyzing his or her purchase behaviors.

Concepts Optimization

Everything can be improved, everything is perfectible. To make a concept completely 'tailor-made' to consumers, to help them identify and trigger them to purchase, Ales offers meticulous concept reworking in terms of content, structure and semantics, based on consumer feedback and the broad researcher experience.


A behavioural science approach to retail that aims at identifying nudges and biases that intervene in the buying process with both a qualitative and quantitative approach.

Driver & Barriers

How to motivate consumers to take action to buy your product? Not only by communicating the benefits your product offers them, but also by focusing on reassuring them on the consumer doubts currently hindering purchase of your product.

Creative lab

To generate new ideas/concepts that are truly responsive to consumer expectations, needs and desires and that stand out in the competitive scenario, it is necessary to go beyond one's own beliefs and expand thinking by involving all the players (consumers, expert researchers, clients, agencies, visualisers) in a co-creative and co-participative process that ignites the spark of innovation!

Shelf test

Puncturing the shelf, being recognisable, attracting the consumer's attention. The best way to test these elements is the shelf. Ales proposes several technological solutions as an alternative to the physical shelf.

Marketing mix assessment

Estimate volumes in order to assess the marketing mix factors (price, communication, distribution and product).

Tracking study

Keeping track of the effectiveness of a creative and advertising route in the consumer sample, in order to monitor the variations in buying effect that the spot is able to trigger among consumers.

Price positioning

Identifying the optimal price for maximising value share and determining the effect of promotional pricing is never easy. Ales can help you with this through price sensitivity models.

Concept development & workshop

A method of innovation that aims, through guided Concept Writing sessions with consumers and/or customers, at creating (or optimising) structured marketing, communication, product or service or packaging concepts.

Marketing Mix Mode

An analysis of sales data to estimate the impact of different marketing mix scenarios.


When evaluating a product, the competitive landscape must be taken into account, but when the shelf is very crowded, showing all the competition becomes challenging. Conjoint analysis enables us to overcome this difficulty.

Web/Social Listening

A web listening and analysis method that combines artificial intelligence, powerful algorithms and human intelligence to turn often disconnected information into business insights.

Net Promoter Score

A tool to assess customer loyalty and satisfaction in their relationship with a brand or product.

Consumer observations & connection

To bring unmet needs & relevant insights to light, it is essential to "see the world through the consumer's eyes". Ales can help you immerse yourself in your target's daily life at every moment of purchase, consumption or when the need arises!

Copy pre-Test (quali e quanti)

An advertisement is effective, able to move the target to purchase only when it is able to work on both the consumer's rational side (convince) and more emotional and deeper side (persuade). Ales has developed an ADV pre-test tool capable of deeply analysing all the qualitative and quantitative indicators at the basis of a creative route's success.

Design Thinking

A creative method aimed at generating innovative and actionable solutions to marketing issues, through the strategic activation of end-users', business stakeholders', specialised partners' collaborative intelligence.

Brand Assessment

The most direct way to understand the state of health, identify strengths and areas not covered to develop your brand and your business.

Pack Test

We evaluate not only the graphics, but the pack's functioning also by having consumers try it to gain insights that are useful not only for communication, but for the engineers who design the packs as well.


The exploration mode to get to know consumers, their habits, their needs and the way they buy and use products.

Habits study

Even the most impulsive consumers can be predictable in their purchasing decisions. By discovering the factors that drive the target's buying habits, you can sell the consumer what they want before they even know they need it.

Post launch monitoring

In order to create a successful brand, not only is it necessary to develop and launch a new product, but also to monitor and optimise the product once it is available on the market. Understand the brand's health, measure effectiveness of the advertising campaign and anticipate the competition's counterattacks.

Workshop & Courses

We organise training course at ALES or at our client location:

Insight generation and new idea development

Nowadays it is important to have new insights and generate ideas. Ales can help you in this process, providing you with its experience to develop new creative ideas.

New concepts (writing and screening)

it's important to have new ideas, but it's equally important to put them in writing.
Ales works with you to write together your concepts in the most appropriate way and to evaluate their performance.

Consumer Connection, observation and etnografy

You think getting into people's heads is a job for a mentalist only? At Ales we’re used to get into the heads of consumers and create with them.

Statistics for market research

One of Ales's features is chewing numbers every day. However, we realize that some analysis and data are not always easy to understand. We will explaining statistics in a very easy and effective way.

Research funnel and the most common methodologies

The funnel is a very useful methodology to evaluate the performance of the brand over time. It is possible to identify strengths compared to competitors.

User profiles and when use them

The starting point of any marketing strategy is the identification of the target to which it is addressed to. Ales is at your disposal to help you understand who are your users, what are their habits, where to find them and when to "hit" them with your strategy.

Ales Market Research is an independent Italian Research Institute and helps clients find effective Marketing Solutions and relevant Consumer Insights.

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