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Ales Genos is the innovative geo-survey platform designed by Ales Market Research for market research based on geolocation.

Some fields of application of ALES GENOS in shopping bags:

  • Pharmacy
  • GDO
  • Restaurant chains
  • Fastfood chains
  • Self-dealers
  • Tobacconists
  • Bar

Ales Genos is also used with great success in post launch research to understand which areas of the marketing mix to work on to improve business performance.

How does ALES GENOS represent an ally for your work?

Among the possible uses of ALES GENOS in shopper interviews we find:

  • Obtain shares within channels not routinely monitored
  • Impulse purchase vs planned purchase
  • Understanding the role of store staff: does it influence purchases? How? What does he say?
  • Impact of in-store promotional events
  • Visibility of POP material
  • Store satisfaction
  • Cross selling
  • Price detection
  • Shelf eye-catching / brand recall

Email, SMS, Whatsapp and in-app notifications

Ales GENOS is able to alert the user through different channels. A system based on webservices is able to communicate with various providers of email, SMS and Whatsapp services to ensure maximum coverage in any part of the globe, in any condition of connectivity.

iphone white

Intelligent detection of the conditions of entry, exit and stay inside the geofences

Ales GENOS uses different algorithms that allow to maximize the detection accuracy, compensating deviations and GPS accuracy to correctly detect the entry, stay and exit status of the configured geofences. It is therefore possible to convey a questionnaire aimed at the point of sale on the user's smartphone, both at the entrance and at the exit of the same. Complex logics can be built based on position, direction, and date.

Available for IOS and ANDROID

Ales GENOS is available for all IOS systems version 13.5 and later. The ANDROID version requires at least release 6.0 of the operating system.

Download Apple IOS


Download ANDROID


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