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Rediscovering the pleasure of preparing homemade dishes

During the Covid period, people rediscovered the pleasure of cooking homemade food. Has this happened all over the world?

We answer this and other questions in the research entitled "DIFFERENT FOLKS, DIFFERENT STROKES: HOW COVID19 IMPACTED" presented at Assirm's Market Research Forum 2021.

The paper presents the results of research aimed at assessing the impact of Covid19 on habits, brands and sustainability in 22 countries:
a multi-country analysis to capture commonalities and differences across cultures and thematise the business implications for the grocery world.

19,934 online interviews were conducted with a nationally representative sample.

In-depth coverage for each country through: Key opinion leaders interviews, Web listening

The research took place between August and September 2021.

The report covers 4 macro areas:



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