non-verbal communication

Discover the power of gestures


Proxemics is a semiological discipline and is one of the five theories of non-verbal communication and is concerned with studying how people use gestures, space, relationships and distances with objects and other people around them. The human being is a symbolic animal and continuously generates symbols, intentionally and unintentionally.

Any communication activity cannot therefore fail to take this important dimension into account when designing its own communication space, and market research, especially ethnographic research, but not only, cannot fail to include an analysis of the gestures a consumer makes or how he or she moves while interacting with the product (be it physical or a touch device) or even just talking about it. And it is even more interesting, especially after the advent of Covid which has redesigned the space of relationships!

We at Ales Market Research believe in it and we apply it with satisfaction, if you want to know more contact your account at Ales!

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