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f1.fw Fast Moving Consumer Goods (food, beverage, personal care, laundry, home cleaning & care, pet food & care) areas in which, thanks to its consolidated experience, Ales curates several studies on consumer trends and has a big knowledge and validated research models.
f2.fw Pharma (OTC and Ethics): a very specific sector for which Ales adopt ad hoc recruiting and quality control procedures, moderators and interviewers very specialised to ensure maximum professionalism and compliance with current pharmaco-vigilance legislation.
f3.fw B2B researches: from manufacturing industries to service providers, public utilities, tourism, gaining competence in reaching the most diverse types of professional targets (from simple employees to managers and opinion leaders).
f4.fw Sustainability & Social: an area for which Ales has developed specific holistic research models able to intercept and integrate the point of view of the different stakeholders.
f4.fw Automotive: a very specialistic sector in which Ales has gained considerable expertise in analysing consumer needs about the ‘new mobility’ and the impact of digital on contemporary and future vehicles, as well as on the touch points that guide the purchasing process.
f4.fw Finance & Insurance: in this field, Ales conductes several scenario surveys aimed at understanding the logic and dynamics that drive investment behaviours and ad hoc analyses about new banking and insurance solutions and services.
f4.fw Retailers: for this channel, Ales has developed ad hoc research solutions that work effectively on the analysis of the interaction between consumer and environment, in terms of exploration, fruition and path to purchase.
  Last but not least, Ales also has a good experience in other sectors, such as: Tourism, Telecommunication/IT, Games and betting, Clothing.