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Research Tools:

Over 20 years, Ales has developed and consolidated a broad range of research models and continues to seek and test new research models to understand the continuosly evolving consumer. Listening, observation and passion in in-depth analysis allow returning effective solutions and new insights.

We believe that the challenge for contemporary research lies in getting inside the consumer’s ‘real life’ to grasp the 'fleeting moment' in which his desire, need, opinion on the brand/ product form and in which he has a consumption experience on the emotional level also. Intercepting and comprehending that ‘moment’, so unique and unrepeatable, interpreting it within its context, requires tools and approaches that are always new, able to merge and blend with his life, which is why we believe in the support of the most advanced technologies and innovation as the cornerstone of our research philosophy.

Exploration, Connection and Consumer insight (ethnography and storytelling)

  • Ethnographic research (direct observation in the field, supplemented by non directive interviews conducted by specialized ethnographers with anthropological training) as well as online research new way, taking advantage of present-day technologies to get inside the consumer's 'real everyday life', through:
    • the mobile phone, always with us, and so ideal to collect direct, unfiltered testimony on the consumption moments the consumers are experiencing (apps, diaries, interviews, selfie-interviews);
    • blogs and communities (qualitative or quali-quantitative) to accompany consumers in their daily adventures and to take part in them, discreetly but effectively intercepting the precious 'moments of truth' in their relationship with brands and products;
    • web listening, to monitor and analyze consumer behaviors on the web (net-ethnography);
  • Consumer Connection: unique and inspiring moments of 'meeting' and sharing with the client-consumer (accompanied shopping, full immersion in the consumer's life, organized and assisted by ethnographer specialists to generate powerful business insights);
  • Exploring new areas and brand territoriers, need state and consumer insights;
  • Initial idea generation and concept development phase (by means of concept writing sessions, workshops with clients, as well as concept-labs with consumers).

Shopper: studies on consumer buying behaviour (path-to-purchase, efficient assortment) and on the exploration and navigation process in the point of sale.

Virtual shopper lab: through virtual reality and augmented reality, we are able to simulate all kinds of environments and objects (a household appliance, a pack…), from the classic supermarket to the specialized retail store or pop-up/flag-ship store, with a very high degree of realism and freedom to interact with the objects and space. Moreover, thanks to the integrated use of eye-tracking, the paths the consumer’s eye takes in observing the objects displayed can be detected very precisely. Ad hoc metrics and special analyses then allow monitoring each individual movement and comparing it with the benchmarks of reference.

Social Listening: the world of the web is pulsing with life and information which often seems fragmentary and destructured to us, but with the right tools it can be transformed into potent business insights. Through web monitoring and powerful, steady, high coverage listening systems we can listen to all kinds of conversations and sources and then analyze them through our algorithms and interpret them through the qualitative and quantitative research approaches born from our research expertise. In fact web listening (with its share of volume, sentiment, engagement, tone of voice metrics) simply represents the starting point, while the researcher’s analytical and in-depth interpretation is the real added value that allows giving strategic meaning to the spontaneous conversations. From trends analysis to brand health studies, from social network campaign performance measurements to post-launch monitoring and new consumer insights research, for a complete suite of social marketing solutions.


(Measuring) markets, needs and insights

  • Usage and attitudes, segmentation studies
  • Need state, consumer insights and driver and barriers

(Measuring) Consumer behavior, NPD and relaunch

  • New concept and product development (vs. benchmark)
  • Pack, price and category studies

Brand image and Advertising

  • Evaluation of brand launch and relaunch activities
  • Brand image and architecture
  • Initial stage of advertising (online and offline) and different advertising routes
  • Usage and attitudes, need state
  • Tracking studies

Satisfaction and Loyalty

  • Consumer and Employee Satisfaction
  • NPS, Net Promoter Score
  • Measuring and improving customer Loyalty