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Over 20 years, Ales has developed and consolidated a broad range of research models and continues to seek and test new research models to understand the continuosly evolving consumer. Listening, observation and passion in in-depth analysis allow returning effective solutions and new insights.

Exploration, Connection and Consumer insight (ethnography and storytelling)

  • Consumer Connection
  • Exploring new areas and brand territoriers, need state and consumer insights
  • Initial stage of idea generation and concept development

(Measuring) markets, needs and insights

  • Usage and attitudes, segmentation studies
  • Need state, consumer insights and driver and barriers

(Measuring) Consumer behavior, NPD and relaunch

  • New concept and product development (vs. benchmark)
  • Pack, price and category studies

Brand image and Advertising

  • Evaluation of brand launch and relaunch activities
  • Brand image and architecture
  • Initial stage of advertising (online and offline) and different advertising routes
  • Usage and attitudes, need state
  • Tracking studies

Satisfaction and Loyalty

  • Consumer and Employee Satisfaction
  • NPS, Net Promoter Score
  • Measuring and improving customer Loyalty